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Institute Finding Aids: Women's Organizations

  • Agassiz Garden Club (N.D.) (Mss 270)
    The club, organized in 1954 and located northeastern North Dakota, is devoted to garden interests, especially the Pioneer Memorial Gardens at Homme Recreation Area in Walsh County, N.D. The club records include Constitution and Bylaws, Treasurer’s Records, Project Plans, Subject Files, and Scrapbooks. One note are the scrapbooks, from 1980 and later, that follow the political career of one of the club members, Rosemarie Myrdal, former Lieutenant Governor of North Dakota. The other set of scrapbooks (1968-1976) were formal books organized for the purpose of winning awards and recognition for the club. The scrapbooks from 1971 to 1976 are each adorned with a hand-painted porcelain medallion. One of the images is the state seal of the North Dakota Federation of Garden Clubs, which was designed by a member of the Agassiz Garden Club, Agnes Sticha.
  • American Association Of University Women, Fargo Branch (Mss 157)
    The Fargo Branch was formed in 1922. The purpose, as stated in the constitution, was to be "the uniting of college alumnae for the purpose of carrying on work suggested by the American Association of University Women, and such local work as is deemed desirable." Their records consist of histories of the Fargo (1932, 1947 & 1972), North Dakota (1984), and national AAUW branches; constitution and bylaws; minutes and agenda; yearbooks and directories; reports; newsletters; correspondence; membership information; financial records; and various other records detailing the projects and study groups in which the local AAUW participated.
  • American Association Of University Women, Fargo Branch (Mss 310)
    The American Association of University Women, Fargo Branch records primarily include documents from the 1950s-1990s, and relate to the activities of the club. Of particular value are the Newsletters and Operations and Activities series, which detail the extent to which the organization was active in the community. An earlier accession has been processed as Mss 157.
  • Boleyn, Angela (Women’s Sports Club Of Fargo) (Mss 350)
    The Women’s Sports Club of Fargo Series consists of fifty-three unbound pages of handwritten text by Angela Boleyn including but not limited to the history, activities, including informal minutes, Constitution, songs, tournament results, newspaper clippings and seventy-six photographic prints of the Women’s Sports Club of Fargo, North Dakota.

    The Angela Boleyn Series includes twenty-two items consisting of later dated scrapbook pages, newspaper clippings, and eight photographs related to Angela Boleyn who was acting in the capacity of historian for the Women’s Sports Club. The photographs are of Angela Boleyn, who also worked for The Fargo Forum as a reporter and was editor of The North Dakota Clubwoman.

  • Bovard, Jane (Mss 313)
    The Jane Bovard papers contain materials involving four organizations with which Bovard was involved: North Dakota Council for a Legal Safe Abortion, Fargo Women's Health Organization, Citizens for a Real Choice, and Red River Women's Clinic. In addition to records from these organizations, the papers contain a large collection of newspaper clippings in three formats: originals, photocopies, and clippings that were assembled into scrapbooks by Bovard, FWHO staff, and organization members.
  • Country Homemakers Club (Cass County, N.D.) (Mss 181)
    The Country Club began around 1912. In 1924, its name was changed to the Country Homemakers' Club, located in the Amenia area of Cass County, N.D. It was considered unusual for the time because it was the only one in Cass County that had two meetings a month— "one a social and one a business. The club consists of women who stand out individually as real leaders." Some prominent members through the years included Mrs. William Guy, Mrs. Albert Sinner, Mrs. John Sinner, Mrs. Leo Sinner, Mrs. A.D. South, Mrs. Eben Chaffee, Mrs. Ralph Smith, Mrs. A.J. Carlson, Mrs. Leo McIntyre,
    Mrs. Lawrence Langer, Mrs. Joe Askew, and Mrs. Ralph Grommesh. The Country Homemakers' Club was active in cooking, sewing, and community projects throughout the 1920s through the 1950s.
    The records include meeting minutes, major project record books, financial records, and Cass County Council of Homemakers' Clubs.
  • Daughters Of Dakota Pioneers (Mss 207)
    The Daughters of Dakota Pioneers began in 1934 as the Fargo Chapter of the Pioneer Daughters of North Dakota and later became an independent organization. It was founded to honor the memory and spirit of the women pioneers in North Dakota, to perpetuate and preserve the history of North Dakota and to promote interest in the resources and activities of North Dakota. It includes its meeting minutes, yearbooks and scrapbooks. The four scrapbooks contain items from 1936 through 2003, but there are very few items before 1960. They include newspaper clippings of accomplishments, obituaries, engagements and marriages of members and member’s kin, as well as articles about the organization’s activities and events. They also contain many clippings and articles pertaining to local history and especially to events at Bonanzaville.
  • Delta Kappa Gamma Society International. Beta Chapter (Fargo, N.D.) (Mss 322)
    The purpose of the society is to provide educational and benevolent assistance to “women teachers and students by means of founding scholarships for study, for developing loyalty and high ideals in the teaching profession, and for conferring distinction upon women educators of the teaching profession.” The records concern primarily the organization's members and activities over the first sixty-five years of its existence. In particular, there are several biographies of early members, two scrapbooks, several “histories” of the organization, reports, and newsletters.
  • Do It Yourself Homemakers Club (Hunter, N.D.) (Mss 326)
    The Do It Yourself Homemakers Club of Hunter,N.D. records contain meeting minutes and twenty-two scrapbooks, giving good coverage of many of the activities and impressive achievements of the club. The scrapbooks survey the club projects to include topics of Citizenship, Foreign Exchange, Family Life, Health, Food, Nutrition, and Safety. These deal with the expected concerns of home and family, community and society, and contain accounts written up by the members, newspaper clippings of their activities, photographs, brochures, lists and tables.
  • Ever-Helpful Homemakers Club (Pierce County, N.D.) (Mss 321)
    The Ever-Helpful Homemakers Club, organized in 1935 in Pierce County, N.D. consists of a scrapbook with a page devoted to each member that held an office within the club. Many of them include a snapshot of the woman with a list of the offices and other leadership positions they held and what year. It also included a handwritten copy of the club’s constitution.
  • Fargo Fortnightly Club (Mss 35 and Mss 1560)
    The Fargo Fortniqhtly Club, founded in 1895, has taken part in many civic and educational affairs in the community as well as carrying out it's own study programs, usually concerning foreign nations. The many club records provide good documentation of its many and varied activities and include correspondence, meeting minutes, treasurers and historians records, constitutions and by-laws, annual program booklets, writings, publications, newspaper clippings and various subject files.
  • Fargo-Moorhead Quota Club (Mss 307)
    The Fargo-Moorhead Quota Club was founded in 1925. Quotarians are known especially for their service to deaf, hard-of-hearing, and speech-impaired individuals and disadvantaged women and children. The club records document the activities of the organization from 1925-1975. The majority of the collection is comprised of the club’s meeting minutes, scrapbooks, and events.
  • Fine Arts Club Of Fargo (First Accession) (Mss 34)
    The Fine Arts Club of Fargo had its origins in the Fargo Amateur Music Club and in 1911 was established as a separate organization consisting of several sections. Its records are organized pertaining to the club as a whole, its nine individual sections and an extensive collection of scrapbooks.
  • Fine Arts Club Of Fargo (Second Accession) (Mss 248)
    These Fine Arts Club records reflect later donations by the club including papers from the club and its various sections.
  • Gardar Homemakers Club (Gardar, N.D.) (Mss 269)
    The Gardar Homemakers Club was organized in 1926 at Gardar, N.D. and continued as an active club until 1985. Its records consist of Meeting Minutes, Treasurer’s Ledgers, Major Project Record Books, Project Instructions and Illustrations, Pioneer Mothers Biographies, Subject Files, and Scrapbooks.
  • Happy Hour Homemakers (Bohnsack Township, N.D.) (Mss 59)
    The Happy Hour Homemakers Club was organized in 1928 in Bohnsack Township, Traill County. Its records include program booklets, secretary’s record books, major projects record books, treasurer’s ledger, and various subject files.
  • Helping Hands Homemakers FCE Club (Pierce County, N.D.) (Mss 360)
    The Helping Hands Homemakers Club Records document the activities of this Pierce County club, organized in 1922, primarily through its annual secretary’s record books. There is a copy of a booklet of recipes compiled likely by club members on the occasion of its 75th anniversary in 1997. Of particular note in the scrapbooks are snapshots of members in their gardens, part of a ”Garden Project” of the 1930s; members meeting in the 1920s; lefse making (1982); a float in a parade (1986); and a series of snapshots likely from their 75 anniversary party.
  • International Association Of Rebekah Assemblies, IOOF, Ivy Lodge, No. 1 (Fargo, N.D.) (First Accession) (Mss 150)
    The Ivy Lodge of the Rebekah Assembly is the women's auxiliary to the fraternal lodge, Independent Order of Odd Fellows and was organized in Fargo in 1890. Its records consists primarily of the minutes of the lodge meetings from 1890 to 1981 (with gaps). The minutes document very completely the monthly meetings and actions taken including financial transactions.
  • International Association Of Rebekah Assemblies, IOOF, Ivy Lodge, No. 1 (Fargo, N.D.) (Second Accession) (Mss 303)
    These lodge records reflect later donations documenting the activities of the organization from 1949 to 1992. The majority of the collection concerns the organization, financial standing, and yearly status of the club.
  • League Of Women Voters Of Fargo (Mss 83)
    The purpose of the league, organized in 1951 at Fargo, N.D. is to promote political responsibility through informed and active participation of citizens in government. The records document the activities of the organization during the 1950s including minutes, correspondence, reports, budgets, clippings and a scrapbook. The collection includes its newsletter as well as various issues from the leagues in Mandan and Williston and the state-wide organization.
  • National League Of American Pen Women. Fargo Branch (Mss 180)
    The Fargo Branch was formed in 1938 and formally organized in 1942. Its records consist of local bylaws, correspondence, Art Projects, and Subject files, including documenting the Fargo Branch's project to compile a list of North Dakota artists and craftsmen.
  • National Woman's Relief Corps (U.S.). John F. Reynolds Post No. 5 (Fargo, N.D.) (Mss 242)
    Organization founded 1890 as an auxiliary to the local John F. Reynolds Post of the Grand Army of the Republic. Activities included participation in Memorial Day observances, contributing to the Soldiers Home at Lisbon, N.D., presenting flags to various institutions, entertaining Company B of the North Dakota National Guard in 1898 and 1917, donating money and materials during World War I, Red Cross work, and adopting war orphans. Records include correspondence, minutes, membership rolls, financial records and regarding its Col. Carroll Junior Club.
  • North Dakota Extension Homemakers' Council (Mss 275)
    Organized in 1942 to assist individual homemakers' clubs at the local level. Circa 1992 the council changed its name to North Dakota Association for Family and Community Education. It assists individual homemakers' clubs at the state and county level. The Homemakers' Council sought to ease the homemakers' lives as well as improve their standard of living and aid in financial planning. Many issues discussed at annual meetings included controversial community and human interest issues such as the quality of care patients received at the State Hospital in Jamestown, providing proper immunizations to their families, and how much violence children were exposed to through the media. The council's records include Historical Material, Constitution and Bylaws, Meeting Minutes, Treasurer's Records, Procedural Information, Meeting Planning; Programs, Lessons, and Projects; Annual Meeting Programs, Reports, Contests, Newsletters, and Subject Files.
  • North Dakota Extension Homemakers Council. Oral History Project. Memories Of North Dakota Homemakers (Mss 262 & Tapes 361-513)
    The records of the North Dakota Extension Homemakers Council’s Memories of North Dakota Homemakers Oral History Project document the memories of North Dakota homemakers across the state. The files include administrative files, tapes and transcripts of interviews done in every North Dakota county, original versions of the books, original versions of chapters that were not included in the books, and copies of the three books that were created by the project.
  • North Dakota Homemaker Clubs Histories Collection (Mss 164)
    The North Dakota Extension Homemakers Council in 1979, as a statewide project, encouraged all homemaker clubs in the state to write a club history. This collection is the result of that project, with twenty club histories.
  • North Dakota State Federation Of Garden Clubs (Mss 271)
    The federation was founded in the 1960s, serving as a central unit to connect the various garden clubs across the state devoted to gardens and gardening. Its records consist of Bylaws and Standing Rules, Meeting Minutes, Treasurer’s Reports, State Reports, Local Garden Clubs, Regional Meetings, Newsletters, Correspondence, and Subject Files.
  • Orestes Brown Study Club No. 3 (Fargo, N.D.) (Mss 25)
    Study group founded in Fargo, N.D. in 1923 by the women of three Catholic parishes so they could study subjects pertaining to Catholic beliefs and intelligently discuss topics from a Catholic viewpoint. Its records include meeting minutes, program booklets, and several subject files, including historical materials on Orestes Brownson, famed preacher, journalist, and philosopher.
  • Pierce County Council Of Homemakers’ Clubs (Mss 359)
    The records of Pierce County Council of Homemakers’ Clubs, organized ca. 1958, document its activities particularly in the 1980s and early 1990s. They include the council’s constitution of 1958, listings of the clubs in the county together with membership and list of officers of each, and miscellaneous council records.
  • Professional Secretaries International. Red River Chapter (Mss 141)
    The main purpose of the organization is to recognize the need for continuing education for today's secretary. It encourages secretaries to become a Certified Professional Secretary, referred to as a CPS. The chapter records consists of presidential correspondence, chapter and board of directors minutes, committee reports, treasurer's reports, the Double R News and national reports.
  • Rich Valley Homemakers Club (Esmond, N.D.) (Mss 58)
    The Rich Valley Homemakers Club records document the activities of this club established at Esmond, N.D., to include program booklets, correspondence, secretary's record books, major project record books, and subject files.
  • Round Table (Fargo, N.D.) (Mss 170)
    It was a study group that provided women with an opportunity to come together and explore various historical subjects. The purpose of the club, as stated in the constitution, was to widen women's outlooks, to keep them in touch with the present and to make them more familiar with the past.
  • Study Club Of Fargo (Mss 175)
    The Study Club of Fargo, established in 1897, adopted in its first constitution the motto "To be rather than to seem." Its records consist of constitutions and bylaws, minutes, annual historical summaries, program booklets, financial ledger, scrapbooks, guest book and programs.
  • Travois Club (Fargo, N.D.) (Mss 314)
    The Travois Club of Fargo, N.D. was primarily a social organization for its members, though periodically it organized fundraisers and other such events. The records of the Travois Club detail the club’s activities from 1936 to 1974 primarily through its meeting minutes, membership booklets, correspondence and a very good scrapbook with photographs and clippings about its members.
  • Votes For Women League Of North Dakota, Fargo Branch (Mss 49)
    The Votes for Women League of North Dakota (also called North Dakota League for Votes for Women) was organized in 1912 in Fargo in conjunction with the appearance of Miss Sylvia Pankhurst, a note English suffragist, in Fargo for a public talk. The league's records consist of meeting minutes (1912-1919), some correspondence and various subject files, including an undated typed constitution.
  • Woman's Club Of Fargo (Mss 47)
    Founded in 1884 at Fargo, the oldest club in North Dakota, the Woman's Club of Fargo is primarily a study club and involved in community improvement projects. Its records document its activities and some of its projects, covering almost a century from 1883 to 1980. The records include meeting minutes, articles of incorporation and by-laws, treasurers records, secretary's reports, histories of the club, annual program booklets, presidents annual and inaugural speeches, program presentations, correspondence and various subject files.
  • Women's Literary Club Of Carrington (Mss 182)
    The club was organized by a group of pioneer women in Carrington, N.D. as a study club with regular courses in literature and history. Its papers consist of correspondence, manuscripts and secretary books. The manuscripts contain several short family histories and anecdotes by Zerlina Eakin, Jemima Burnham, Nellie Cousins, Mrs. Ralph Hall, Marie Harmon, Mrs. H. Page and Mrs. Russell, with a 1915 article on the club, a short history of Foster County, and an article on the City Library and its beginnings.
  • Women's Society Of Christian Service (Hunter United Methodist Church (Hunter, N.D.) (Mss 202)
    Women's church group of the Hunter United Methodist Church organized in the 1890s. The collection contains materials involving both this organization, and the Church. The WSCS records include meeting minutes, treasurer’s journals, and subject files.
  • Women’s Sports Club Of Fargo, North Dakota (Mss 350)
    The Women’s Sports Club of Fargo Series consists of fifty-three unbound pages of handwritten text by Angela Boleyn including but not limited to the history, activities, including informal minutes, Constitution, songs, tournament results, newspaper clippings and seventy-six photographic prints of the Women’s Sports Club of Fargo, North Dakota.

    The Angela Boleyn Series includes twenty-two items consisting of later dated scrapbook pages, newspaper clippings, and eight photographs related to Angela Boleyn who was acting in the capacity of historian for the Women’s Sports Club. The photographs are of Angela Boleyn, who also worked for The Fargo Forum as a reporter and was editor of The North Dakota Clubwoman.

  • Young Women's Christian Association Of Fargo-Moorhead (Mss 67)
    The Fargo Y.W.C.A. was organized in 1906 and affiliated with the National YWCA in 1907. It activities are documented through a nice series of scrapbooks, as well for the later years in minutes, newsletters and annual reports. Additional accessions have been received of their records but not currently organized.